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Executive Employment Litigation

Executive contracts are unique in the world of employment contracts. For one, they balance the competing needs of the employer with those of an extremely valuable employee, and are designed to provide for a successful relationship between the parties. Sometimes, however, if either party's interests are not fully protected, these contracts can be the cause of serious disputes.

Loren Kieve has received recognition for his work over the years in litigation. He reviews employment contracts for hidden or unclear provisions and clauses, including restrictive covenants. Whether you are looking for advice or seeking to litigate, contact the Kieve Law Offices online today to discuss your case.

If you have a concern regarding an executive employment contract, or if you need general legal advice about any type of matter unique to executive-level employees, contact our law firm to schedule a consultation. We advise our clients on a variety of executive employment matters, including:

Mr. Kieve understands the sensitive and intricate nature of executive contracts and compensation plans, and can help you understand the exact terms and provisions you are agreeing to before signing. If a problem arises later on with restrictive covenants such as confidentiality agreements or non-compete clauses, he will help resolve those issues through negotiation or litigation.

Contact an experienced Executive Employment Law Lawyer

If you are involved in an executive employment dispute, you cannot afford to engage a lawyer with less experience and skill.

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